Joint Initiative on SDO Global Health Informatics Standardization

The Joint Initiative on SDO Global Health Informatics Standardization is formed to enable common, timely health informatics standards by addressing and resolving issues of gaps, overlaps, and counterproductive standardization efforts through:

» A mutually agreed upon and used decision process for international standardization needs;

» Coordinated standards strategies and plans, with the future goal of making all standards available through ISO;

» An integrated work program; and

» Focused, specific resolution of overlapping or counteracting standards within the participating SDOs existing work programs.

This Council, operating as a council of equals and as a liaison group under ISO/TC 215, consists of the respective leaders and appointed liaison members of the participating SDOs to a maximum of 3 members per SDO.


International Collaboration for Digital Health Standards

April 11, 2019

It is widely accepted that the adoption of standards is a foundational element essential to effective digital health. Today's health care demands extensive sharing of information amongst clinicians, across organizations and geographies, and also with the patient, all of which would be impossible without the use of standards. With the increasing globalization of digital health comes the equally increasing need to use internationally developed standards.


Joint Initiative Council Releases Inaugural Standards Set for Patient Summary

London, United Kingdom - In April 2015, the Joint Initiative Council (JIC), a collaborative of 8 international digital health standards development organisations, set its strategic direction and agreed upon the following goal:

"The JIC will contribute to better global patient health outcomes by providing strategic leadership in the specification of sets of implementable standards for health information sharing."

Charged with operationalizing this goal, the JIC identified the need to develop a number of relevant use case-focused Standards Sets. Standards Sets follow the working definition of a coherent collection of standards and standards artefacts that support a specific use case, and the first Standards Set the JIC prioritized for completion is the Patient Summary.

Through a collaborative development process drawing upon international subject matter expertise, JIC membership and public consultation, a JIC coordination group has developed the Patient Summary Standards Set for immediate release. This Standards Set and its supporting documents are predominantly geared at vendors, healthcare organisations and governments/policy makers who are exploring ways of developing and implementing Patient Summaries.

As a guidance document, the Standards Set provides an overview of standards, standards artefacts and profiles that meet agreed criteria for a specific Use Case. It does not recommend a single or specific implementation for a particular topic. Rather, the intent is to provide sufficient detail to enable different stakeholders to choose the standards, artefacts and profiles most suited to satisfying their requirements.

The Standards Set is free for use and developed in line with current practice such as the work in ISO TC 215 on the Reference Standards Portfolio. It is a 'living' document that will be maintained and updated based on annual feedback, evolution and emergence of new standards and related artefacts.

The collection of information artefacts, including the PSSS, can be accessed via the dedicated Patient Summary Standards Set page on the Joint Initiative Council website.

With this January 2018 release, the JIC invites stakeholders to invest time in the use, review, and evolution of this inaugural Patient Summary Standards Set.

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