The Maringa Manifesto

The Joint Initiative Council (JIC), at its April 2018 meeting in Maringa, Brazil, developed and approved a platform of strategic initiatives designed to focus collaborative efforts over the next two years. This platform is known as the "Maringa Manifesto".

The Maringa Manifesto is comprised of the following strategic initiatives:
  • Investigate the uptake of the Patient Summary Standards Set: Following the successful development and publication of the Patient Summary Standards Set (PSSS) in 2017, the JIC has launched an initiative to investigate and report on how well the PSSS is being adopted and used amongst various stakeholder groups. This work will be used to improve future versions of the PSSS, and inform the development of additional JIC standards sets in the future.
  • Create additional Signature Events: JIC members were briefed on a multi-year series of "signature events" that were held several years ago, and at the time considered of significant value. The JIC has agreed to develop a new program of signature events, updated to reflect current and future needs of the worldwide digital heath community.
  • Establish a X-SDO Genomics Program: A great deal of genomics-related standards development work is currently being developed or planned across a broad number of digital health Standards Development Organizations (SDO's), and the JIC has agreed to form an initiative to provide a "forum of collaboration" amongst its member SDO's as well as other SDO's operating in this space. The form and format of publication of this collaborative work will be determined as part of the JIC's cross-SDO Genomics Program.
  • Standards Alignment across SDO's: The JIC was originally created, in part, to provide a vehicle for SDO's to identify opportunities to collaborate with one another in order to engage a broader segment of the international digital health community, and to reduce duplication in the development of standards artefacts. While great progress has already been made, there is an opportunity to further align standards, both existing and those currently planned or under development, across SDO’s. This effort will identify initiatives that would be benefited most by various forms of collaborative alignment.

The set of standards “International Patient Summary” has gained in accessibility through its dedicated website.

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