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Representatives from the 9 standard organizations members of the Joint Initiative Council have held public open Forums to share their experience with the development, the adoption and the implementation of the International Patient Summary standard.

You can view these recordings here:

- 1st openForum focused on its recently released white paper, the JIC explores the desired future of a digital health ecosystem where high-quality data is available to the right people, at the right place and at the right time for high-quality decisions and care. => Watch the recording

- 2nd openForum focused on providing an insight on the power of standards as providing interoperability and efficiency, even when national or regional implementations seem to be different. Are they really different?. => Watch the morning session or the afternoon session

- 3rd openForum focused on the implementation of the International Patient Summary. This third openForum has been prepared in coordination with the Global Digital Health Partnership (GDHP) that is also advancing the IPS standard. A panel provided opportunity to some of the standardization experts to explain their expectations, and to interact with questions and answers, together with the other guest speakers. International uptake, standards maintenance, SDO reactivity, Connectathons, etc. is addressed in the discussions. => Watch the morning session or the afternoon session

The set of standards “International Patient Summary” has gained in accessibility through its dedicated website.

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